The Methodist Philatelic Society (MPS) was formed in 1970 to encourage the study of philately with Methodist Associations and to provide a means of communication between members.

Since the inaugural meeting held on 19th September 1970 at Darlington Street Methodist Church, Wolverhampton, the Society has sponsored many special commemorative covers, cards and postmarks.

It was around the end of 1968 that the idea of forming the MPS was first suggested. And so it was that fourteen founder members of the Society met in Wolverhampton and discovered a kindred interest of many in Methodism both in the United Kingdom and overseas.

At the 1987 Methodist Conference in Portsmouth, the Rev Terry Harris began a display of Methodist Philatelic material with the following introduction:-

"'Once Upon a time' is how every good story begins; and once upon a time there lived in Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire, a man called J Thomas Aungiers. This is where our story really begins.

Tom was a stamp collector and a member of Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church. The embryo of a society was forming in his mind when Tom brought his Christian faith and his hobby together. And in time this was to lead to the Methodist Philatelic Society.

Tom was a keen stamp collector, and through his hobby he was keen to pass on the message of the gospels and to draw others who were interested in philately to do likewise.

Many of Tom's correspondents were Methodists and this may well have been where the idea originally took shape, to form among like-minded people a Society for the exchange of stamps, news and information on the issue of postage stamps, postal history and postcards relating to Methodism.

In 1968, before the Methodist Philatelic Society was formed, Tom arranged a commemorative cover to celebrate the opening of the new Methodist Church at Cheadle Hulme. This was a mammoth task, but very rewarding, as the project raised the sum of £400.00, exceeding all expectations.

The ordinary copy sold for one shillings (5p in today's currency), while copies signed by the Rev Amos Cresswell (the then Minister of Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church) cost one shillings and six pence. Around 7000 stamp covers were printed and Amos Cresswell signed 2000 copies!

The Rev Alan Warrell welcomed the fourteen members present at the first meeting of the Methodist Philatelic Society which was held at the Darlington Street Methodist Church, Wolverhampton, on September 19th 1970, and outlined the events leading up to the inaugural meeting, and Mr Tom Aungier read some of the many letters welcoming the coming into being of the Society.

An act of Dedication was conducted by the Rev Alan Warrell, the Rules and Constitution were discussed and adopted. Rev Alan Warrell was elected as the Hon Chairman and Tom Aungiers was elected as the Hon Secretary - and so the MPS came into being". 

The Society offers its members:-

For more information about the Methodist Philatelic Society - and to become a member - please contact:-

Mr Terry Smart
11 Northwood Park
LS26 8PE

Phone:- 0113 282 6988

The President of the Methodist Conference for 2016-2017 is the Rev Roger Walton.

Rev Roger Walton

Roger is also now our new President of the Methodist Philatelic Society because all Presidents of the Methodist Conference always take on the role of President of the MPS.

Methodist Conference 2016

The above picture is a copy of the special commemorative cover that we created for
the Methodist Conference  of 2016 in London

Our previous President, Rev Steve Wild, is still a member of the Methodist Philatelic Society and for some time he has been a passionate collector of Methodist Postcards.


Rev Steve Wild - President of the Methodist Philatelic Society
Rev Steve Wild

Steve writes:-

"I am honoured to have been the President of the Methodist Philatelic Society, it is good that we have such a society within Methodism.  A real bonus to being a member is the excellent magazine, always full of interesting articles and printed to the highest quality, so that it is a credit to our church.


I have collected Methodist Postcards for many years. I specialise particularly in postcards that illustrate the mission of Methodism and that is my passion."


Please click HERE to view three of Steve's favourite postcards - and why these postcard are important to him. 

On March 17th 2016, Steve was the special guest preacher at the Big Sing, arranged by the Gwent Hills and Vale and Newport and Lower Wye Methodist Circuits, which took place at the Blackwood Methodist Church.

To mark this occasion the Society decided to create a commemorative stamp cover:-


The Methodist Philatelic Society have produced many commemorative stamp covers since 1970. We hope to include as many as possible during the next few months.

For further information about the Methodist Philatelic Society please email us at:-


The Society have a large number of commemorative covers available from 1970 to the present day. If you would like a stock list please email: - Ronnie MacMillan : -

Many of our commemorative covers represent anniversaries involving the Wesleys and Itinerant Preachers. Please click on the link below to view..........................

John and Charles Wesley


Itinerant Preachers


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