Winchelsea - 1790 (John Wesley's Last Sermon)

John Wesley 

Thursday 7th October 1790

I went over to that poor skeleton of ancient Winchelsea. It is beautifully situated on the top of a steep hill and was regularly built in broad streets, crossing each other, and encompassing a very large square; in the midst of which was a large church, now in ruins.

I stood under a large tree, on the side of it, and called to most of the inhabitants of the town, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand; repent and believe its gospel’. It seemed as if all that heard were, for the present, almost persuaded to be Christians.

In the evening I preached once more at Rye, and the Word did not fall on stony ground.

(From the journal of John Wesley)

NB - This was the very last sermon preached by John Wesley!

John and Charles Wesley