Tercentenary of the Birth of John Wesley

John Wesley

John Wesley 1703-1791), a Lincolnshire man, was born of Anglican Parents (Samuel and Susanna Wesley) and raised and ordained within the Church of England. He continued his allegiance and love for that Church right throughout his life, even though at times he was most critical and prepared to step outside its practice.

As a leading founder of the 18th century Methodist Movement he was much despised by the church establishment in the early days. However, by the time of his death and even to this very day he has become a much revered person

Wesley Day, 24th May, each year (the day that “his heart became strangely warmed”) is marked around the world by many Christian Denominations.

It is appropriate, therefore, that the service to mark the 300th Anniversary of John Wesley’s birth was held at Lincoln Cathedral, and be ecumenical in nature by including representatives from world-wide Methodism.

And it was singularly appropriate, that since John Wesley presided over the yearly Methodist Conferences, that the Rev Ian T White, the President of Conference for 2003, and occupier of Mr Wesley’s Chair, should preach at the service.

John and Charles Wesley