250th Anniversary of the Death of Susanna Wesley


Susanna Wesley

Susanna Annesley married the Rev Samuel Wesley and bore him nineteen children, eleven of whom survived.

History knows how her sons, John and Charles, rose to great prominence in the founding of Methodism leaving mankind good reason to know their accomplishment, both in the field of evangelism and the writing of hymns.

Susanna set up a school in her home to educate her children. In addition to the academic subjects, religious instruction played an important part. The strength of character displayed by her children was not only due to inherited qualities but from their training in Susanna’s Christian School.

Her married life always had difficulties financially with her husband leaving her for long periods of time. After her husband’s death she left Epworth and lived at different times with her children, whilst John and Charles were in Georgia. When John returned to England and acquired the building known as the Foundery he provided a home there for Susanna.

In July 1742, whilst John was in Bristol, he received an urgent message from his sister to say that his mother was near to death.

He rode home to be at her bedside.

Susanna Wesley died on July 23rd 1742 leaving no earthly goods to her children but passing on to each of them many of her qualities of character.

John and Charles Wesley