Rev Steve Wild

The three cards that I have chosen from my collection are three of my favourite cards and all speak of mission.

The first one shows two Primitive Methodist Evangelists on their mission car, Alfred Russell, a converted Police Sergeant, and Frances Dodgeson, a converted Pierrot. 

There on the platform is Alfred with the bible open and ready to preach the word and Frances with his trumpet and harp, with a horn on the end of it, to extenuate the sound to the assembled crowd. 

I think it is wonderful the way that there is real seriousness about this picture, for having been a Pierrot, I would have thought Frances would have had some smiles but it does illustrate different ways of trying to reach out to the general public and that always warms my heart.

Then there is the Big Fire in the Methodist Sunday School, Orrell Feb 9th 1910 and there is what could be a postcard of utter desolation and sorrow. Instead you have an amazing group of chapel people, full of determination. 

It just speaks to me of hope for the future and not being trodden down  but the fire that has happened.  Because I am from Lancashire, the little girls wearing clogs and shawl, I am mindful of my own Grandmas. 

But the sheer number of young men, assembled in the picture, as it were all ready to roll their sleeves up and rebuild, just like the walls of Jerusalem.  the man at the front, with the flat cap on, has a big smile. 

This speaks to me of mission and faith in the very best way of the Methodist people, or any Christians, "knocked down, but not knocked out" as JB Phillips translates the famous passage of St Paul.  

At Aughton,in Lancashire, we are shown a new Wesleyan Chapel. 


It is a Tin Tabernacle, which in the Victorian times, was the precursor to a stone or brick built property.  But mission is written all over this.  We have to remember that every church started missionally and here at Aughton is their first building.  these Tin tabernacles were then sold on to another fledgling society so that they too might build a "proper" chapel. 


The writer of this card, Emily, states on the back, this is a view of our chapel. The old lady in the doorway was the first to open the door.  The other two are  the stewards. It has only been built twelve months".  There is a real sense in that of wanting the community to come to knowledge and faith in Jesus.


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