John Wesley's Return from Georgia - 1738

John Wesley 

For Methodists, 1st February is a significant day, for it was on this day in the year 1738 that John Wesley stepped ashore at Deal after his unfortunate two years in Georgia in America as chaplain and missionary. Wesley’s journal reads:-

Toward evening was a calm; but in the night a strong north wind brought us safe into the Downs. At four in the morning we took boat, and in half an hour landed at Deal; it being Wednesday, February 1. After reading prayers and explaining a portion of Scripture to a large company at the inn, I left Deal and came in the evening to Faversham.”

He had left Georgia feeling a failure. Wesley wrote,

I, who went to America to convert others, was never myself converted to God.”

Wesley’s religion had been all effort and struggle, and it was not until the 24th May 1738 at a Meeting House in Aldersgate Street at about a quarter to nine that he, “felt his heart strangely warmed”, and that he trusted Christ alone for salvation.

This was the even which signalled the beginning of the Evangelical Revival of the Eighteenth Century.


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