250th Anniversary of John Wesley's First Visit to Chester - 20th June 1752

John Wesley 

Methodism was introduced into Chester by John Bennett in 1747 John Wesley’s first visit to the city was from Sunday 20 to Tuesday 23 June 1752. Subsequently there were to be nearly forty more visits.

John Wesley preached on a number of occasions during his first visit, at times in the open air. He preached on the Saturday evening, three times on the Sunday and once on the Monday evening. On the Sunday he also attended a church service and he appreciated the sermon he heard on the faith of Abraham.

On the Monday he also explored something of the city. He walked around the walls. He was much taken by The Rows.

He wrote in his Journal; “The greatest convenience here is what they call “The Rows’ that is, covered galleries, which run through the main streets on each side, from east to west and from north to south, by which means one may walk both clean and dry in any weather from one end of the city to the other.”

Relating to the preaching on the Monday evening he wrote; “I preached at six in the evening in the Square to a cast multitude, rich and poor. The far greater part, the gentry in particular were seriously and deeply attentive, though a few of the rabble, most of them drunk, laboured much to make a disturbance.”

Wesley left Chester on the Tuesday heading for Bristol.

John and Charles Wesley